Health and Wellness

Mary Beth “MB” Senechal, the owner of Glory Yoga LLC, has been teaching faith-based yoga in Phoenix, Arizona since 2010 and is certified by Yahweh Yoga Teaching Academy. As a Christian yoga instructor, it brings MB great joy to see her students experience the many benefits of Christ-centered yoga which include the physical, emotional, and most importantly spiritual aspects. MB believes that faith-based yoga truly brings together three distinct parts of each individual by interweaving mind, body, and spirit in a very beautiful way. She loves to see one or all three of those lights turn on in her students.

In the past, MB has most predominantly taught group lessons at churches and resorts but has also taught private lessons. When the COVID-19 pandemic occurred in 2020, she began online classes on Zoom and YouTube. She is thrilled to be working with Indigo Mountain Media and hopes that the classes she posts are a blessing to your physical body, as well as your spiritual and emotional well-being.
You can learn more about MB and Glory Yoga at

“I love teaching yoga because of the many physical benefits I see my students experience. I love helping people gain new strengths and awaken areas of their earthly vessel that have been forgotten.” -MB Senechal

Mia Tomasula

Mia Tomasula is a senior at the University of Arizona studying Nutritional Sciences with an emphasis in dietetics.  Her passion for nutrition started around the summer of her junior year in high school.  As she was browsing Netflix, she stumbled upon a documentary entitled, “Cowspiracy” and others like it explaining the benefits of a vegan diet from a moral, health, and environmental prospective. Mia had never thought much about nutrition prior to that other than trying to lose weight with random fad diets, however, after deciding to go vegan, she started researching nutrition which led her to realize her passion. While her veganism only lasted about a year and half, her love of nutrition, health, and fitness has continued. Mia ran track and cross country in high school but over the last few years changed her routine to add weightlifting which helped tone and strengthen her body.  Seeing such drastic changes in her own body through weightlifting gave her a new passion and desire to want to help others fuel and love their bodies. Mia will be applying to graduate schools in order to obtain her Masters degree and earn her RDN credentials.  Her ultimate goal is to work with clients/athletes to help people fall in love with their bodies and fuel them optimally.